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Dedicated to serving Medicare eligible individuals, helping you choose the proper plan to fit your needs, and guaranteeing professional service without exception.

Welcome to Senior Insurance Specialists is a subsidiary of Senior Insurance Specialists. Together we have been serving clients since 2006. Our agents are licensed and appointed with multiple insurance carriers in Oregon, Washington, Arizona, California, Florida, Idaho, Minnesota, Montana and Texas. We offer individuals and medical providers a single resource for all their Medicare needs. We help people answer questions such as:

Are you having trouble understanding Medicare?

We help you decipher the often complex issues surrounding Medicare.

Is your mailbox being swamped with literature?

We simplify the literature and discussion around Medicare, making it easy to comprehend what your choices are.

How will Healthcare Reform affect Medicare?

While its a complex issue, were here to bring you the most up-to-date information about HealthCare Reform.

What are Medicare Advantage vs. Medicare Supplement Plans?

A common question, we help breakdown the difference between these two plan types.

Committed to Serving the Following Groups

We have a firm commitment to serve four distinct groups.

Prescription Drugs Recipients

We assist beneficiaries with their plan options that cover their medication & we partner with pharmacists to assist their customers with their Medicare questions.


Medicare Eligibles

We specialize in Medicare Insurance Plans for people turning 65, as well as people of all ages that are already enrolled in Medicare. We match individuals to plans that include their required doctors, hospitals, and medications.


Human Resource Leaders

We partner with Human Resource Personnel to help you prepare current and retired employees who become eligible for Medicare. We are available as a resource on all issues pertaining to Medicare.


Clinic Administrators

We partner with clinical groups to educate and inform patients on Medicare basics, as well as Medicare Advantage and Medicare Supplement plans. We explain to patients how Medicare works while keeping them apprised of the plans your clinic accepts.

As your senior insurance partner, we offer individuals a single resource for answering these questions and more. We take pride in providing the senior community with Medicare Advantage Plans and Medicare Supplement Plans to fit their individuals needs. We are committed to serving the following groups: Medicare Eligibles, HR Leaders, Clinic Administrators and Pharmacists. Thank you for taking the time to visit our website. If you have questions about anything to do with Medicare or Medicare eligibility, please contact us at 1-855-I-TURN-65 or (503) 691-2978.

New to Medicare?

Welcome to Medicare! As your senior insurance partner, our goal is to make Medicare easy for you to understand. You have probably received a litany of literature, so let us simplify it for you.

Original Medicare

Questions, Questions, Questions! What does Original Medicare cover? What does it cost? Is there a maximum out of pocket? Do I need additional coverage? Are there penalties for not enrolling?

Annual Enrollment

The Medicare Annual Enrollment period is October 15 – December 7. During this time you can add, drop, or change plans. Whatever you elect during this timeframe will become effective January 1.

Medicare Plan Types

What is a Medicare Advantage Plan? What is a Medicare Supplement Plan? Who knows the difference between the two of them? We help answer all these questions and more regarding the two different plans.

Upcoming Events | Newsletter

I-Turn-65 agents are providing FREE Medicare Informational Meetings. These meetings are designed to help inform and assist you in navigating through the basics of Medicare Parts A, B, C, and D. Please call 503-691-2978 for current meeting information.